For over seventeen years ISEC has provided a comprehensive range of Security, Safety and Risk Management Services to a wide variety of Industry sectors including government, commercial and private enterprise. ISEC’s key objectives are to provide innovative and cost effective services to ensure that our client’s assets, people and reputations are protected.  We believe that our people are our most important asset and through continual training, career development and recognition of their services we are able to achieve great outcomes for our Clients and related stakeholders.

At ISEC, our security services and solutions can be engineered and designed to meet the needs of your business goals, brand and reputation. Our resourceful and tailored approach in managing the requirements of our clients is paramount.



World Class Service Delivery

We will set the benchmark for providing experienced, professional and customer oriented people who are determined to deliver a world class service.


Security Services in all forms are often required to meet critical timelines. Through our 24 hours contact centre we are able to respond to our clients’ needs in a timely and mission critical manner.


We have built a reputation as an efficient and reliable service provider who is constantly challenging itself to raise the standards of not only our people but the wider Industry.


Act as if what we do makes a difference, because it does.



Our reputation proceeds us, once you engage ISEC you acquire services of an organisation that demands a high level of Ethics and Integrity not only from its people but from its contractors and suppliers.


Our commitment to our clients is simple we will be open and transparent in all of our dealings and provide access across all areas of our business.


We believe strongly in that to be successful we must work as a team in everything we do.


We have a strong network of industry experts who we collaborate with on various projects resulting in the customer receiving the most up to date advice.