ISEC Service Delivery reaches new heights

ISEC Service Delivery reaches new heights

Mid way through 2016, ISEC embarked on a journey to define and develop a world-class level of service delivery, as part of its operating model and as a key pillar of differentiation. This ambitious claim resonates with our desire to be renowned as an organisation that truly adds value to our clients operations in the most professional and productive way.

Our people leave an impression on everything we do and deliver, so naturally when our functions team at the Sky Terrace were briefed on an up and coming event, they took it upon themselves to ensure that our client’s customers felt welcome. However, this was no ordinary event given that a large number of the guests were hearing impaired.

Without any prompting, our team members Alex and Belinda took it upon themselves to ensure that these guests had an experience they will never forget. By learning sign language to communicate with guests throughout the night, our team ensured that their focus was solely on a night of enjoyment.

We are delighted to receive such outstanding feedback and are extremely proud of the initiative taken by Alex and Belinda”, said David Zaw ISEC’s Contract Manager.

Frank P. Bellomo, ISEC’s Chief Operating Officer added “The greatest challenge we face in transforming our business to one that truly delivers a world class level of service, is to ensure that we not only attract people who resonate with our DNA but to ensure that our people remain engaged, focused and have buy-in on our journey. So, naturally I am delighted to see that the work we are putting into this initiative is coming to fruition”.

We look forward to working with our committed and passionate staff to replicate this across all of our operations as we continue to prosper as an organisation.

If you would like to learn more about ISEC’s service delivery model head to or contact us directly on 1300 004 732.