ISEC Training and eLearning puts Metro Security and Surveillance through their paces

ISEC Training and eLearning puts Metro Security and Surveillance through their paces

IMetro Trains Melbournen conjunction with its RTO partner Dalhousie Training, ISEC delivered its first project to Metro Trains Security and Surveillance team.

ISEC has been engaged by Metro to provide specialist training and advice on policy and procedures as they relate to handcuffs and the use of force.

The Security and Surveillance team plays an integral role in safe keeping the states rail infrastructure, which also includes undertaking investigations and crime prevention programs across Metro’s rail network.

“Teaming up with my good friend Dudley Plunkett who is one of the states foremost experts in use of force and defensive tactics was an absolute pleasure” said Frank P. Bellomo ISEC’s General Manager.

The program consisted of Legal considerations including use of force and powers of arrest under the the Victorian Crimes Act 1958 and The Transport Act governing authorised offices, tactical engagement and disengagement, positional asphyxia implications, handcuffing and restraint techniques. The team was commended on the delivery of such an informed and comprehensive training program and we certainly look forward to working with Metro moving forward.

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