Operating as an independent business resilience advisory firm, Maven Risk Advisory, is a wholly owned division
of ISEC Pty. Ltd. and was developed with a purpose to provide independent, risk adverse and value based
services to clients across a broad range of industry sectors.

What is a Maven? A Maven is best defined as a “a trusted expert in a particular field who seeks to pass knowledge onto others,”
indeed by this very definition one of our key aims is in providing advisory services we partner with organisations
and in assisting them with their objectives we impart our expertise and knowledge to achieve sound outcomes.

We consult broadly across the commercial and government sector providing strategic, technical and tactical
advise across the entire Security Risk spectrum partnering with organisations to enhance their business
resilience capabilities.

Our Consultants are known industry leaders whom have worked extensively in this field and bring with them
academic and field experiences to help assess, analyse and devise systems, processes and protocols.

Our Risk Management Solutions are applied to the International Risk Management standards and are designed
to help businesses identify risks, evaluate the effectiveness of existing control and where required make
recommendations to mitigate those risks deemed unacceptable.

Visit the Maven Risk Advisory website to learn more about how Maven is able to support your organisational objective.